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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Assam, Guwahati is a city that encapsulates the essence of natural beauty, rich history, and cultural heritage. From ancient temples to vibrant wildlife sanctuaries, Guwahati offers an array of experiences that captivate the hearts of travelers. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the top places that make Guwahati a must-visit destination.

Exploring Guwahati’s Rich History

1-The Ancient Kamakhya Temple

One of the most revered places in Guwahati is the Kamakhya Temple, perched atop the Nilachal Hill. This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya and holds immense religious significance for Hindus. The architecture is a marvel in itself, adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures. The temple’s ambience exudes a spiritual aura that attracts thousands of devotees and curious tourists alike.

2-Umananda Island: The Peacock Island

Located in the midst of the Brahmaputra River, Umananda Island is a serene oasis that houses the Umananda Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Accessible by boat, the island offers breathtaking views of the surrounding river and lush greenery. It’s an ideal spot for nature lovers and spiritual seekers to find solace away from the bustling city.

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Embracing Nature’s Beauty

1-Kaziranga National Park

No visit to Guwahati is complete without exploring the iconic Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Renowned for its one-horned rhinoceros, the park is a biodiversity hotspot that shelters numerous endangered species. Embark on an exciting jeep safari and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of this extraordinary sanctuary.

2-Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

For those seeking a more intimate wildlife experience, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem. Located just a short drive from Guwahati, this sanctuary boasts a high density of one-horned rhinoceros, offering an unparalleled opportunity to spot these majestic creatures up close.

Enjoying the Scenic Views

1-Shillong Peak

Perched at an elevation of 1,965 meters, Shillong Peak provides panoramic views of the city and the surrounding hills. The viewpoint is particularly enchanting during sunrise and sunset, casting a golden hue over the landscape. It’s an excellent spot for photography enthusiasts and couples seeking a romantic escapade.

2-Nehru Park

Nestled on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Nehru Park offers a serene retreat for locals and tourists alike. The lush greenery and well-manicured gardens make it an ideal place for a leisurely stroll, picnic, or a peaceful boat ride.


Immerse in Culture and Tradition

1-Assam State Museum

To delve into the cultural heritage of Assam, a visit to the Assam State Museum is a must. The museum showcases an impressive collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and sculptures, reflecting the region’s rich history. Visitors can gain insights into the diverse tribal cultures that have shaped Assam’s identity over the centuries.

2-Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra

Named after the revered Assamese polymath, Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra is a cultural institution that celebrates the arts and crafts of the region. The complex houses a museum, an open-air theater, and a traditional Vaishnavite prayer hall, offering visitors a glimpse into Assam’s artistic brilliance.

Savoring Assamese Delicacies

1-Traditional Assam Thali

A trip to Guwahati is incomplete without indulging in the flavors of Assam. The traditional Assam Thali is a delectable platter that showcases an array of dishes, including rice, dal, various vegetable preparations, and a variety of chutneys and pickles. Savoring this authentic meal is a culinary delight for food enthusiasts.

2-Local Street Food Delights

For a more casual dining experience, exploring the local street food scene is a must. Guwahati offers an assortment of savory snacks, such as momos, pani puri, and Assam’s famous Jolpan (snacks made with rice and coconut).

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Shopping Extravaganza

1-Fancy Bazaar

A shopaholic’s paradise, Fancy Bazaar is a bustling market known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse merchandise. From traditional textiles and handicrafts to modern clothing and electronics, this market caters to every shopper’s desires.

2-Pan Bazaar

If you’re looking for souvenirs and cultural curiosities, head to Pan Bazaar. This market is famous for its assortment of handloom products, bamboo crafts, and intricately designed jewelry.

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Exploring Ancient Architecture

1-Basistha Ashram

Located on the outskirts of Guwahati, Basistha Ashram is an ancient pilgrimage site dedicated to the sage Vasistha. The serene ashram, surrounded by lush greenery and a gurgling stream, offers a peaceful ambience for meditation and spiritual contemplation.

2-Navagraha Temple

Dedicated to the nine celestial bodies in Hindu astrology, the Navagraha Temple is an architectural marvel. Each shrine is dedicated to a specific celestial body, and visitors often seek blessings for prosperity and well-being.

Unwinding at River Cruises

1-Alfresco Grand Sunset Cruise

Embark on a delightful river cruise aboard the Alfresco Grand, where you can witness the stunning sunset over the Brahmaputra River. The cruise offers live music, delectable cuisine, and an unforgettable experience of Guwahati’s beauty.

2-Alfresco Grand Dinner Cruise

For a more enchanting experience, opt for the Alfresco Grand Dinner Cruise. Under the moonlit sky, savor a sumptuous dinner as you cruise along the gentle waters, making it a perfect romantic escapade.

Admiring Art at Rabindra Bhawan

Rabindra Bhawan is a hub for art enthusiasts, showcasing various art forms, music, dance, and theatrical performances. Visiting this cultural center offers a chance to witness the artistic talents of the region and immerse in its vibrant arts scene.

Picnicking at Botanical Gardens

Guwahati’s Botanical Gardens is an oasis of tranquility, offering a refreshing escape from the urban hustle. Spend a leisurely day picnicking amidst lush greenery and a vast collection of indigenous and exotic plant species.

Witnessing the Ambubachi Mela

The Ambubachi Mela is a unique festival celebrated at the Kamakhya Temple, signifying the menstruation of the goddess. Devotees from far and wide gather to seek blessings during this auspicious occasion, making it a significant cultural event in Guwahati.

A Day Trip to Hajo

A short distance from Guwahati, Hajo is a town with immense historical importance and religious diversity. The town is home to various temples, mosques, and a Buddhist stupa, symbolizing the unity of different faiths.

Majuli Island: The World’s Largest River Island

A trip to Guwahati is incomplete without venturing to Majuli Island, the largest river island in the world. This island offers a glimpse into Assam’s rural life, with its pristine landscapes, vibrant culture, and the famous traditional Sattriya dance.


Guwahati, with its blend of historical landmarks, natural wonders, and cultural heritage, promises an unforgettable journey for every traveler. From seeking blessings at ancient temples to witnessing the beauty of wildlife and embracing local traditions, the city leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of those who visit. So pack your bags, and get ready to experience the magic of Guwahati!


1-Is Guwahati a safe city for travelers?

Ans-Guwahati is generally considered a safe city for travelers. However, like any other destination, it’s essential to exercise caution and follow standard safety practices.

2-What is the best time to visit Guwahati?

Ans-The best time to visit Guwahati is during the winter months, from November to February, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

3-Are there any adventure activities available in Guwahati?

Ans-Yes, Guwahati offers various adventure activities, including river rafting, trekking, and wildlife safaris in nearby national parks.

4-How can I reach Majuli Island from Guwahati?

Ans-Majuli Island can be reached by road from Guwahati. You can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach Nimatighat, from where you can take a ferry to Majuli.

5-What are some traditional souvenirs I can buy from Guwahati?

Ans-Some traditional souvenirs to consider are Assam silk textiles, bamboo crafts, and traditional Assamese jewelry.

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